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Dulce María
Dulce Maria
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Dulce Maria Espinoza Saviñón started her career when she was only a little girl, doing commercials. At age 8 she was part of a show for kids called Plaza Sésamo and shortly after, started at El Club de Gaby.

Dulce Maria started singing in 1996 with the band Kids, that made success with songs like, "La Mejor De Tus Sonrisas" and "Prende El Switch".

In 1999, she quit the band and started singing with Daniel Habif, her boyfriend at the time, who is also a former member of Kids. Together they

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dulce maria
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Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria , Zoraida Gómez
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Dulce Maria
Dulce maria
Dulce María
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