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Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Yolanda Ochoa Reyes
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Mariana Yolanda Ochoa Reyes known as ''Mariana Ochoa'' (born February 19, 1979, in Mexico City) is a singer and actress. She was a member of the musical group La Onda Vaselina, who were one of the most successful pop bands of Mexico, OV7. She stayed in the group until they dissolved in 2003. After OV7 was eventually dissolved, Mariana began dedicating herself to acting and singing.

Soap operas

Ochoa's first major role was in the soap opera **[La Hija Del Jardinero][1

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Luna Llena
Yo Soy
Alberto Casanova y Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa y Alberto Casanova
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa
Mariana Ochoa


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