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Amar Otra Vez
First aired: Aired in:
2004 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Rocio Huerta (Iran Castillo) and her godmother Balbina (Angelica Maria) make their living sewing clothe for others. Rocio falls in love with her godmother son, Fernando (Rafael Amaya) and dreams with marring him. When she almost realizes her dream, Fernando leaves her waiting at the altar on their wedding day. Fernando leaves Rocio for Brenda (Margarita Magaña) a rich woman that feeds Fernando ambition. When Rocio discover the reason wh


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Valentino Lanús
Valentino Lanús y Irán Castillo
Valentino Lanús y Irán Castillo
Valentino Lanús y Irán Castillo
Irán Castillo
Irán Castillo
Irán Castillo y Rafael Amaya
Vanessa Guzmán
Rafael Amaya
Lourdes Munguía
Margarita Magaña


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"Amar Otra Vez"
Posted: 1 decade ago

una de las tantas historias bella por la lucha de dos seres que se amán está fue una novela dónde luchan por recuperar el gran amor entre ellos

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