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Amor Sin Maquillaje
Love without Make-up, Amor Sin Maquillaje
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Pina (Marlene Favela) is a beautiful young woman who was living a good life with her husband. When she becomes a widow she begins to feel alone and unprotected so she decided to go live with her mother Lupita (Lucia Mendez) and her grandmother Veronica (Carmen Motejo).

Pina began to work at "Televisa" (a production house in Mexico). It was not difficult for her to get a job as a makeup artist because her grandmother and her mother had both been wor


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Photos of Amor Sin Maquillaje
Erik Guecha
Sergio Goyri
Sergio Goyri y Marlene Favela
Sabine Moussier
Sabine Moussier
Nora Salinas
Marlene Favela
Marlene, César y Lucía
Lucía Méndez
Lucía Méndez
César Evora
Carmen Montejo


Amor Sin Maquillaje Reviews
Great art!
Posted: 6 mths ago

You can tell they put passion into this and I loved it a lot. I watched it while waiting for to fix my oven and it made the time go by fast!

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