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Bajo La Misma Piel
Under The Same Skin, Bajo La Misma Piel,
First aired: Aired in:
2003 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Sara (Diana Bracho) since her marriage to Bruno Murillo (Alejandro Camacho) has lived an unhappy life. Bruno believes that the money can buy anything. He is dominant and has had many affairs with other women. For her children from her first marriage, Miranda (Kate Del Castillo), Andrés (Ernesto D’Alessio) and Paula (Laisha Wilkins), she has puts up with all kind of humiliations. She doesn’t care about her own happiness; she is resigned


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Juan Soler
Juan Soler
Juan Soler
Kate del Castillo
Kate del Castillo
Laisha Wilkins
Laisha Wilkins
Manuel Ojeda
Marga López
Sergio Catalan
Ernesto D'Alessio
Andrea Torre


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"Bajo La Misma Piel"
Posted: 9 yrs ago

esta historia fue muy bella tenia actores y actrices de categoria de alto nivel me gusta mucho las actuaciones de kate y de diana bracho aunque nunca me gusta mucho cuando trabaja de malona pero es muy buena actriz

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