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Besos Prohibidos
First aired: Aired in:
1999 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico TV Azteca
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José Luis (Fernando Allende) and Diana (Margarita Gralia) are a young couple who grow up being in love with each other, but life circumstances separate them. They take different paths in life and they do not see each other for years. Diana marries Felipe Conde (Salvador Pineda) and has two irresponsible children, Patricia (Ximena Rubio) and Adalberto (Rodrigo Abed).

Years pass by and Jose Luis and Diana meet again. Bo


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 Eileen Abad
Fernando Allende
Margarita Gralia
Rodrigo Abed
Victor González


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Besos Prohibidos
Posted: 9 yrs ago

* Me fascinaria volvieran a pasar la telenovela, me gustó mucho la trama y el elenco es de lo mejor. TV Azteca repite sus mejores novelas, por favor pasen al aire nuevamente Besos Prohibidos.*

besos proibidos
Posted: 9 yrs ago

esta novela es una de las mejores ke an dado me encanta esta super nice [:p]strong text

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