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Corazón Partido
Broken heart, Corazón Partido, Corazon Partido
First aired: Aired in:
2006 United States, Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
United States Argos, Telemundo
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Aura Echarri (Danna Garcia) is a young woman to whom her newborn son was kidnapped after his birth. She leaves the country and goes abroad to live. After several years she returns to her country with one thing in mind: to find her son. She finds herself in a city populated by millions of people which will make it difficult in finding her son.

While in search for her son, Aura meets Adrian (Jose Angel Llamas) and falls in love with him. She doesn't know that Adr


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Danna García
Danna, José Ángel y Sergio
Danna García y Sergio Adriano
Danna García y José Angel
Danna García
Danna García
Danna García
Danna García y José Angel
Sergio Adriano Garda
Luis Gerardo Méndez


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