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Dame Chocolate
Give Me Chocolate, Dame Chocolate,
First aired: Aired in:
2007 United States
Produced in: Produced by:
United States RTI, Telemundo
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Rosita Amado (Génesis Rodríguez) grew up in the village Xochlcacahuates. She comes from humble background. Her relatives worship EK Chuah, and ancient idol, the god of chocolate. She is the only person left who knows the secret Mayan receipt when her grandfather Juan Amado (Hector Suarez) passes away.

Rosita has an awkward appearance with buck teeth and a big nose. She falls in love with Bruce Remington (Carlos Ponce) a handsome heir to a can


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dame chocolate
jullye giliberti
karla monroig
karla monroig
Tv Producer Angel (Carlos Garin)
Tv producer Angel.(Carlos Garin)
Tv producer Angel (Carlos Garin)
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodriguez
Carlos Ponce


Dame Chocolate Reviews
Posted: 4 mths ago

It is oke.

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