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El Cuerpo Del Deseo
The Body of Desiere, El Cuerpo Del Deseo,
First aired: Aired in:
2005 Colombia, United States
Produced in: Produced by:
Colombia RTI, Telemundo
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Pedro José Donoso (Andrés García) is a man who at his 67 years of age feels he has reach all his goals. Threw his life he has done everything he has wanted, he is a rich man and has the love of his wife Isabel Arroyo (Lorena Rojas), a beautiful and attractive woman. When Pedro Jose feels that he has everything in his life, he dies. Apparently he suffers a heart attack, but he refuses to die and is reincarnated in the body of Salvador Cerinza (Mario Cimarro[/a


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Martin Karpan
mari cimarro


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Great Video
Posted: 3 mths ago

Beautiful video with nice informational content. This is a really interesting. disney heroes

El cuerpo del deceo
Posted: 6 yrs ago

Esta novela fue una de la k mas me gusto, y la canción k tenia me encantaba....

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