Actors and Actresses in El Privilegio De Amar. These are the protagonists that make up the cast of El Privilegio De Amar. Each entry includes the role the actor played.

Adela Noriega
Cristina - main heroine
René Strickler
Víctor Manuel - main hero
Helena Rojo
Luciana - mother of Cristina and wife of Andrés
Andrés García
Andrés - husband of Luciana and father of Victor Manuel
César Évora
Juan de la Cruz - priest, father of Cristina
Enrique Rocha
Nicolás - enemy of Andrés, villain
Cynthia Klitbo
Tamara - girlfriend of Víctor and lover of Nicolás, villain
Sabine Moussier
Lorenza - friend of Cristina and lover of Andrés
Adriana Nieto
Lizbeth - daughter of Luciana and Andrés, half-sister of Cristina
Ramón Abascal
Chema - in love with Lorenza