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Esas Mujeres
Esas mujeres , Essas Mulheres
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Brazil, Ecuador
Produced in: Produced by:
Ecuador Other
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The story takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the XIX century and tells the life story of three women; Aurelia (Christine Ferndandez), Maria da Gloria/Lucia (Carla Regina) and Amalia/Mila (Miriam Freeland) and their love life.

Aurelia is a poor young woman who lives with her mother and brother in a humble home in Santa Teresa. In a dance she meets Fernando Seixas (Gabriel Braga Nunes) who shows up with other woman who are students of


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Adriana y Gabriel
Adriana Garambone
Christine Fernandes
Carla Regina
Carla Regina
Christine y Gabriel
Christine Fernandes
Gabriel Braga &Adriana Garambone
Gabriel Braga Nunes
Luciene Adami y Mírian Freeland
Marcos Winter


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There are a mistake here
Posted: 8 yrs ago

this is a Brasilian produce.... not an equador... produced by Record Tv Network... de may 02 to octuber 22, 2005

mi comentario
Posted: 1 decade ago

la verdad que me parece interesasnte...

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