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Imperio De Cristal
First aired: Aired in:
1994 United States, Mexico, Peru
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Sofia's (Rebecca Jones) life changes after her husband Uriel (Constantino Cosatas), her young daughter Katia (Zoraida Gomez) and her attend a party in the Lombardo's mansion.

Cesar (Ignacio Lopez Tarso) discover that Sofia is the daughter of the woman who he once loved and that he is her father. He feels very happy to be Sofia's father and decides to help and protect her. Livia (Maria Rubio), Cesar's wife does not wan


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Rebeca Jones y Ari Telch
Adriana Barraza


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"Imperio De Cristal"
Posted: 9 yrs ago

una novela inolvidable de mucho contenido y de un argumento harto fuerte muy buenas actuaciones aunque me molestaba cuando siempre triunfaban los malvados

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