La Saga (2004)

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La Saga
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2004 Colombia
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Colombia Other
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This story revolves around the Manriquez family a provincial family that moved to Bogota and its history through five generation. The patriarch founded a criminal organization and decided to strengthen it and then to reintegrate into society.

The 1930’s brought a radical, violent and armed political conflict to Colombia. Tomas Manriquez (Robinson Diaz) had to flee his hometown with his family during the night an armed group unexpectedly barged a party killing every male of


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Nicolás Rincón y Martina García,
Vicky Hernández - Magnolia
Vicky Hernández - Magnolia
matrimonio de Roman
Katherine Velez
Katherine Velez y Diego Cadavid
Familia años 30
La Saga
Diego Cadavid
Diego Cadavid


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Posted: 1 decade ago

Uno de los mejores seriados con un elenco de artistas fenomenales y una trama atrapadora

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