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Lo Que Es El Amor
First aired: Aired in:
2001 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico TV Azteca
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Tania Lomeli (Claudia Ramirez) is an intelligent, hard working and intrepid woman who likes a challenge. She shows others that women can be successful in any profession as well as men.

When Tania accept to be the General Secretary of the Stock Exchange, she knows that it will not be an easy task for her, but it doesn't stop her and she gets ready for the job and to show those who still believe that, there are certain positions in which only men could be successful.



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Leonardo García&Claudia Ramírez
Leonardo García&Claudia Ramírez
Leonardo García
Leonardo García
Mark Tacher
Michelle Brown
Pedro Sicard
Víctor González
Víctor Huggo Martín
José Alonso
Francisco de la O
Fernando Luján


Lo Que Es El Amor Reviews
Posted: 9 yrs ago

mne gusto mucho esta novela cuando la veia, ojala hiceran novelas asi

fans de christian meier
Posted: 1 decade ago

hola me lamo tamara esta novela esta chulisima medirijo a vosotros para que la veais os vanha encantar

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