Madre Luna (2007)

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Madre Luna
Mother Moon, Grains of Love
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Colombia, United States
Produced in: Produced by:
United States RTI, Telemundo
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This romantic melodrama features Alejandra Aguirre (Amparo Grisales), a gorgeous, tenacious woman with an amazingly well-preserved body who grows rice in the rural town of Castellón -- and hides a deep, shocking secret. She is a 50-year old woman with great passion, sensuality and splendor. Her self-willed intensity puts her in the middle of a rivalry between Leonardo Cisneros (Gabriel Porras) and his handsome, daring son Ángel (Michel Brown). Both d


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gabreil porras
Arap Bethke
ana lucia dominguez
daniela tapia
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich
Saby Kamalich


Madre Luna Reviews
Posted: 8 yrs ago

valgame Dios Santooo Qe Papasiitooooo Muaaa

muy buena !
Posted: 9 yrs ago

esta novela me encanto daba en las mañanas y era super entretenida...♥## Hea![alt text][1]ding ##

ME FaScInA....!! mUY cOOl..!!
Posted: 1 decade ago

BuEnO BuEnoo.....! eSTa NioXeLa Me ZuPeR aRcHi mE EnCaNtAAA´

Me PaReCe ReaLMeNtE lO mAxImO mE GuStO lA PrImErA vEZ Q Lo Viii , mE eNcAnTIOO....!!! mUXiooooo

jOjO eN EsPeCiAl LoS HerMaNoS aGuIrrE ..[ARAP].!! lInDoS..!!

MuY xVrE "MADRE LUNA"..!! cOOl..!!

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