Madre Luna (2007)

Actors and Actresses in Madre Luna. These are the protagonists that make up the cast of Madre Luna. Each entry includes the role the actor played.

Gabriel Porras
Leonardo Cisneros - main hero,in love with Alejandra
Amparo Grisales
Alejandra Aguirre - main heroine,in love with Leonardo
Michel Brown
Ángel Cisneros - son of Leonardo and Flavia, in love with Alejandra
Mónica Dionne
Flavia Portillo de Cisneros - wife of Leonardo, villain
Alex Sirvent
Valentín Aguirre - brother of Demetrio, in love with Anabel
Ana Lucía Domínguez
Anabel Saldaña - cousin of Ángel, in love with Valentin
Saby Kamalich
Doña Trinidad Zapata - mother of Flavia and grandmother of Ángel, villain
Paulo César Quevedo
Tirso Reinoso - foreman of the Cisneros hacienda, villain
Arap Bethke
Demetrio Aguirre - son of Alejandra and Leonardo,in love with Dulce
Daniela Tapia
Dulce Elena Marquez - niece of Fidelio, in love with Demetrio