Madre Luna (2007)

Actors and Actresses in Madre Luna. These are the protagonists that make up the cast of Madre Luna. Each entry includes the role the actor played.

Mauricio Aspe
Roman Garrido - bandit in the town, villain
Judy Henríquez
Angustias - friend of Alejandra
José Saldarriaga
Fidelio Marquez - rich man in the town
Julio del Mar
Ignacio Morales - farmer, friend of Alejandra
Ana Beatriz Osorio
Violeta - dancer at the town's bar
Sebastián Boscan
Hermes - brother of Dulce
Pedro Roda
Bebo Cantillo - owner of the town's restaurant
Luz Alejandra Pinzon
Juana - ex-lover of Valentin
Adriana Campos
Sulma - bandit, girlfriend of Roman,in love with Angel
Mónica Pardo
Luzmila Morales