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Misión S.O.S Aventura y Amor
Mision S.O.S Aventura y Amor, Misión SOS Aventura y Amor, Mision SOS Aventura y Amor
First aired: Aired in:
2004 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Diana (Allison Lozano) and Christian (Diego Gonzalez) are two teenagers who live in a neighborhood called "Buenaventura." They become good friends ignoring that they families hate each other. The families who live in this neighborhood have no future because Don Severiano (Manuel Ojeda) has planed to destroy their homes, the church and the school to build a commercial center in their place. Severiano is going to do everything he can to help him to acco


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Photos of Misión S.O.S Aventura y Amor
Erik Guecha
*Anhuar Escalante*
Zaide Silvia Guitiérrez es Lupe
Miguel Martínez & Gladys Gallego
Jonathan Becerra
Jesús Zavala
Jesús Zavala
Elenco de Misión S.O.S
Alejandro Correa


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Posted: 3 days ago

As you see without any of the interesting work. Here is only a good thing which is important which readers like to make writing service better. Hope all the readers come and start to read the given material which is good for them.

Posted: 1 decade ago

i always used to watch this novela when i was a little girl

esta padrisimo
Posted: 1 decade ago

oye creo que hace ese papel lo hace padrisimo pero se ve mas guapo en atrevete a soñar te amo jesus zabala[:)]

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