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Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Colombia
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Colombia Other
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Andrés Ferreira (Martin Karpan) is a man who has lived a very comfortable life; he is the owner of the enterprise "Mundo Express." Brayan Galindo (John Alex Toro) is a man who doesn’t like to work but has to in order to survive. He works in a pharmacy and lives humbly.

One day the life of these men change drastically: they are faced with the truth that they were switched at birth at the hospital by accident. Andrés takes his place in the Ferreira's household. Br


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Photos of Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre
Martín Karpán & John Alex Toro
John, Carolina & Martín
John Alex & Martín Karpan
John, Maria & Martín
John, Carolina & Martín
John, Carolina & Martín
Martín Karpán
Martín Karpán
Maria Cecilia Botero
John Alex Toro
Isabel Cristina Estrada
Hugo Gomez


Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre Reviews
nuevo rico nuevo pobre
Posted: 8 yrs ago

deja a conocer mundos distintos que generalmente no vemos a diario ... presenta situaciones que personas en el mundo entero pueden vivir el dia a dia ...

Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre
Posted: 9 yrs ago

Tiene en su trama una ensenanza, y la forma en que presenta esta es muy divertida.

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