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Prisionera De Amor
First aired: Aired in:
1994 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Cristina Carvajal (Maribel Guardia) was accused of murdering her husband and sentenced to prison. She had been in jail for many years charged with a crime that she did not commit.

When Cristina is released from prison she feels alone and forsake because the only thing she has are her two daughters Karina (Karla Alvarez) and Rosita (Alisa Velez). Her daughter believe she is dead because that is what their aunt, uncle and their care takers made them


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Saúl Gustavo Lisazo Ozcoidi
Saúl Lizago
Maribel Guardia
Maribel Guardia
Lorena Meritano
Lorena Meritano
Lorena Meritano
Julieta Egurrola
Irán Eory
Eduardo Noriega
Alberto Insúa


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