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Simplemente María
Simplemente Maria
First aired: Aired in:
1989 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Maria Ramos (Saby Camalich) is a peasant girl who leaves the farm and goes to the city of Lima to work. There, she meets Esteban Pacciarotti (Braulio Castillo), a teacher, who teaches her how to read and write.

Maria meets Roberto Caride (Ricardo Blume) and falls in love with him. He seduces her and she gets pregnant. Maria doesn't see Roberto again until after her baby's birth. He promises that they will get married after he finishes his medicine


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Manuel Saval y Victoria Ruffo
Manuel Saval
Victoria Ruffo y Manuel Saval
Victoria Ruffo y Silvia Dérbez
Victoria Ruffo
Victoria Ruffo
Victoria Ruffo
Victoria Ruffo
Victoria Ruffo


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"Simplemente María"
Posted: 1 decade ago

esta novela es de las historia más bella del amor de una mujer por salir adelante y luchar contra la adversidad y lograr sus proyectos anhelos y sueños que lograr esforzar en su vida

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