Actors and Actresses in Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. These are the protagonists that make up the cast of Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. Each entry includes the role the actor played.

Carmen Villalobos
Catalina Santana, Main heroine; aspires to be actress
Gregorio Pernia
Aurelio "Titi" Jaramillo, Drugdealer; in love with Catalina
Danilo Santos
Cardona, Chief of Titi, partner of Morón, interested in Catalina
Guillermo Quintanilla
Mariño Martínez, another drug dealer and former partner of Morón and Cardona (now their enemy)
María Fernanda Yépez
Yésica "La diabla", Catalina's best friend friend; pre-paid girl
Carolina Betancourt
Vanessa, Catalina's friend; pre-paid girl
Alejandra Pinzon
Paola, Catalina's friend; pre-paid girl, wants a deeper relationship with Titi
Juan Diego Sánchez
Bayron Santana, Hilda's son, Catalina's brother; loves Ximena
Carolina Sepúlveda
Ximena, Catalina's friend, in love with Byron, pre-paid girl
Fabian Ríos
Albeiro Manrique, Catalina's long term boyfriend and Hilda's lover