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Sol De Tentación
Sol De Tentacion
First aired: Aired in:
1996 Venezuela
Produced in: Produced by:
Venezuela Venevision
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Sol (Natalia Streignafd) lives with her father Hipolito Romero (Mauricio Gonzalez) in an anchored ship near to a small coastal town. Navigate in the sea and fishing is her passion. When she was a baby her mother escapes with a rich man, leaving her with her father. Sol meets Armando de la Torre (Miguel de Leon) during a boating accident when he and some of his friends, including his girlfriend Martita. They meet again later in the town and they had a


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Natalia Streignard
Natalia Streignard
Natalia Streignard
Natalia Streignard
Natalia Streignard
Natalia Streignard y Miguel de L
Miguel de León
Miguel de León
Aroldo Betancourt
Ana Karina Manco
Adolfo Cubas


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Como puedo conseguir los capiulos de esta telenovela...

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