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Te Tengo En Salsa
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Panama
Produced in: Produced by:
Panama RCTV
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When Adriana (Estefania Lopez) knows that her sister has planed to give her daughter up for adoption, she decides to take custody of the child. Patricia (Juliet Lima) decides to move far away to live, but before she goes, she tells Adriana that her daughter’s father is a passionate and handsome man called CR Perroni.

Adriana’s economic situation pushes her to find Tatiana’s father. She goes to the "Da Perroni" restaurant to meet him. She is baffled when instead


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 Wanda D`Isidoro
Roberto Moll
Mirela Mendoza
Luis Alfredo Olavarrieta
Luciano D'Alessandro
Julio Pereira
Juliet Lima
Juan Carlos Lobo
Iván Tamayo
Hilda Abrahamz
Gustavo Rodríguez


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Te tengo en Salsa
Posted: 1 decade ago

Esta es una novela Venezolana, super buena...y con un elenco de primera.

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