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Tormenta En El Paraíso
Tormenta En El Paraiso
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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In the year of 1519, the Maya priest Ahzac (José Carlos Ruiz), discovers that his daughter Ixmy (Siena Perezcano) has fallen in love and given herself to a white man. That provoked Ahzac’s fury because she was going to be sacrificed in honor of their gods together with a black pearl. Ahzac curse the pearl saying that "who ever takes this pear will never be happy."

In 1987, the explorers Eliseo Barvo (Alejandro Tomáis) and Herman Lazcano (Sie


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Photos of Tormenta En El Paraíso
Ingrid and her friend
she is the best
My favorite actors
The Best
Sara Maldonado
Ernesto D´Alessio
Eugenia Cauduro
Ingrid Martz
Ingrid Martz
José Luis Reséndez


Tormenta En El Paraíso Reviews
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