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I am currently taking Spanish classes and I am in my 3rd level. I started watching Tormenta en el Paraiso on my satellite TV so I can listen to the language. I am now hooked, but I can't understand a word because they talk too fast. Can someone tell me the basics of what is going on? Who's baby is it? Why did Maura want to throw the baby in the cenote? why did she tell Aymar to keep her mouth shut? why does that guy have a black glove on his hand that he keeps on his stomach all the time? Are Nicholas and Aymar fighting right now? what do those Sisters say at the church--why are they always yelling at Aymar? Who is the father of Nicholas and who are the parents of Aymar?

thank you! Wendy, Maine,USA

Added: 1 decade ago

the guy has s black glove on because he got hit by a car and they had to cut off his arm. the guy with the black glove is nicholas father. Amyar doesnt have parents because they both die.

Added: 9 yrs ago

do you see the max of analiya????????///

Added: 9 yrs ago