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LOL if ur readin this than i just wnna say that idk wat 2 write LOL im just bored like hell yea but might as well write sumthing dont u think. well i shuld tell u who i am. my name is cristina fernandez im 13 years old. i enjoy readin fantasy nd mysteries. i watch novelas because of the drama nd the emotion behind it sum pple think novelas r not gud but i say wat the heck. i love all of my friends like crazy. nd im not kiddin. most pple think im weird but i dont care wat u say about me bcause im who i am nd nobody can change that. my friend ashley nd me called ourself camila LOL yea i no its weird but i was the first 1 to call her that. she told me 1 day that i sounded like an immigrant that learnin how 2 speak english on aim 1 day. lmaooooo!!!!! i can b crazy but i dont care i hv my own style nd my own way 2 live life everyday. well i just wnna say that im a gr8 gurl 2 no nd if u wnna b my friend im cristina101 nd i hope 2 meet u sum day.

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