Tu O Nadie (1985)

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Tu O Nadie
Your Or No One, Tu O Nadie,
First aired: Aired in:
1985 Mexico
Produced in: Produced by:
Mexico Televisa
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Raquel (Lucia Méndez) and Martha (Luz María Jerez) are daughters of Daniel (Miguel Manzano), a humble man who lives in Guadalajara with his family.

Raquel meets a man who introduces himself as Antonio Lombardo; he asks her to married him and they do. Antonio tells her that he is an executive and belongs to the middle class. After the wedding, Antonio answer a phone call, then tells his wife that she has to stay with her family because he has to go


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Lucía Méndez
Salvador, Lucía y Andrés
Lucía Méndez y Andrés Antonio
Lucía Méndez y Andrés Antonio
Lucía Méndez y Andrés Antonio
Lucía Méndez
Magda Guzmán


Tu O Nadie Reviews
Me encanto
Posted: 8 yrs ago

La verdad me gusto mucho, Sortilego es el remake de este novela.

Posted: 9 yrs ago

It is the most popular telenovela here in Zambia. It is really nice. Please have all its episodes done on DVD so that we all can be watching it.

Tú o nadie, no hay otra igual
Posted: 1 decade ago

Tú o nadie, la telenovela que rompió todos los records a nivel mundial y con la que Lucía adquirió más proyección internacional, a partir de entonces Lucía se convirtió en embajadora del bello Puerto de Acapulco (México). Corazón de piedra, tema de la telenovela, permaneció en los primeros lugares de popularidad

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