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Un Amor Indomable
First aired: Aired in:
2007 Chile, Peru
Produced in: Produced by:
Peru Other
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Julieta (Rossana Fernandez Maldonado) ends her relationship with her boyfriend Lorenzo (Rodrigo Sanchez Patino). She did this after she meets Federico (Renato Rossini) for whom she feels a strong attraction since the first moment they met, Federico feels the same thing. Both of them feel that meeting each other has been the best thing that could have happened in their lives.

Lorenzo decided to win Julieta hart at any cost and for that he counts wit


Photos of Telenovela

Photos of Un Amor Indomable
Rossana y Renato
Rossana Fernández Maldonado
Renato Rossini
Macarena y Julieta -ATV
Rodrigo Sánchez y María Angélica
Lorenzo y Carola -ATV
La familia Collao-ATV
María Eugenia y Renato Rossini
Rossana Fernández y Katerina
Rossana Fernández Maldonado
Renato Rossini y Rodrigo Sánchez
Renato Rossini


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