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i am a simple and very emotional girl. i love caring nice and kind hearted people i love watchiing indian and mexican film they all teach about love i love singing cooking and reading


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love conquers all odd
Posted: 8 yrs ago

I still find it hard to believe that aracely arambula played the role of regina and aimee woah she is an actress with a unique style. About the film eduardo was in love with aracely but the passion and desire aimee arouses in him tried to confuse his true feelings. But their great love fought against all odds.

love knows no bound.
Posted: 8 yrs ago

Alejandro lombardo was the defender of both his family and dat of maria jose he was passionate kindhearted and caring he was also a man of his word. Maria Jose was a trustworthy and sincere wife although bruno threats scared her at first but she learnt to trust alex completely. Hmm what gladens my heart is that their love knew no bound and that they fought a good fight and a vicorious one at that they both fought and defended their love


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helo i want to be ua friend