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dash lokote
Rating: 5
Posted: 9 yrs ago

WaSsUp ItS mE dAsH aNd Im HaCkInG mY bAbY gIrLs NoVeLeRoS aCcOuNt To TeLl HeR sHe MeAnS tHe WoRlD tO mE aNd ThE fIrSt DaY wE mEeT i ThOuGhT sHe WaS vErY bEaUtIfUl AnD sHe StIlL iS tHeReS nObOdY cOmPaReD tO hEr LiKe Me I lOvE hEr sO mUcH nObOdY cAn SpErAtE uS bC wE lOvE eAcHoThEr I aLwAyS pIcK hEr Up FrOm ScHoOl aNd We Go To My HoUsE aNd I dRiNk WiTh HeR aNd I lOvE tO tAsTe HeR sExY jUiCy ChErRy LiPs MuAhZ bAbE sO wE mEeT aNd I wAs FlIrTiNg AnD i AsKeD hEr OuT aNd GaVe HeR lIkE aBoUt 40 RoSeS aNd...

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