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La aureola mis amigos y yo esperan que usted sea fino. Todo usted necesita para saber es que estoy agradecido para el pocos de usted que tengo y usted es uno de mis amigos primeros

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camilla and ricardo appear to have a love that is predestined. it is guaranteed to knock you off your feet. the role of the pirate couldnt have been acted by a better man and susana's docile charm and beauty is exactly what camilla needed to be a fully rouned beauty. bug up estrada!!


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1 decade ago

Sasa leo ni weekend and as i told you achilianga zingine utafanya monday. Hows you? By the way where do you come from???? Jienjoy!

1 decade ago

So far i have not finished translating cos the results gave me wrong english its boring to read it. When you will get time i can forward the whole thing then you can translate properly and forward to me as well.

.................... Nicholas manages to give with the whereabouts of Aymar and is going to look for her to demonstrate that somebody sabotaged their wedding and takes on with the tests , she does not give him opportunity he says to him that they would not have to be together, goes away disappointed and he leaves him on with the demand that raised by kidnapping. The Captain Soli's speaks with Aymar after the visit of Nicholas,
questions his to him to feel, she is confused since he has a irrefutable test of the happened thing, Soli's asks to him if he would return with Nicholas. Carmelita says to Lucio who found rebozo of Luisa in the bed of Eliseo, without they occur whatever, Maura listens to the conversation and account of the happened thing occurs, immediately reproaches to Luisa the laid down salary to him with its future father-in-law. They are going to make an audit in the Paradise and Nicholas asks to him Lucio who has ready all documents, Maura disappears documents to harm Lucio and to obtain that Aquiline it stays oneself as overseer. Aymar goes to hospital for treats to help to Teresa, there finds with David and Leonardo, who say to him that Nakuk is in the town and tried to kill Eliseo, but already is imprisoned. Aymar manages to free itself of Nakuk and runs, to the time that it slips and falls in the cage of a tiger, being at the mercy of the Aymar feline is going to look for Nicholas to speak with him, but when arriving listening at Eliseo when it says that Karina (Maura) is waiting for a son of Nicholas, which it changes his plans and it decides to retire, not without before discussing with Nicholas. Sirenita says to him to David who remembers that their parents died in a fire, which makes him confirm more and more that Maura is an imposter. After a strong discussion which Nicholas stresses Maura to him which to the only woman whom he loves is to Aymar, this one decides to advance the wedding so that the son who is waiting for Maura has a home and a family. The audit in the Paradise is carried out and they do not find some comprobantes of payment, which must have Lucio, Eliseo explodes in rage and it dismisses it. Aymar is going to the jail to visit Nakuk, that takes advantage of a moment distraction of Aymar to take it like hostage and to escape, later goes into in a zoological one trying
to look for a way that allows him to flee. In a negligence, Aymar manages to free itself and runs, to the time that Nakuk slips and falls in the cage of a tiger, being at the mercy of of the feline. Leonardo hopes to Nicholas in the rotation, Aquiline she takes advantage of to loosen a bull that attacks it before the impotent glance of Nicholas Nakuk is defenseless front to the tiger and begins to lose the reason thinking that it is a Mayan God, the feline reacts and it attacks until giving it him death. Leonardo says to him to his mother who will do all the possible one to obtain a donor of compatible liver and that will convince Nicholas so that it pardons it. Jose Miguel falls in love more and more with Aymar and he is let know to Lisandro, that tells him that Nicholas left planted to Aymar in the church when they were going to marry. Celina sees with Leonardo, and she lets know that he is `Musa', to its friend by Internet, he him sees it surprised, she informs to him that that night house Nicholas with Maura, since she is pregnant woman,
Leonardo deduces that Maura is deceiving Nicholas and who the son who hopes can be his. Nicholas gets ready to marry according to the civilian with Maura, without embargo, the sadness is remarkable in his face to have to marry with which he does not love. Aymar arrives at the Paradise to warn to him just Nicholas who her mother is very serious and can die at any time, at the moment that enters the judge declares husband and woman to Nicholas and Maura. Nicholas realizes presence of Aymar that leaves hurried the property, he follows it for tries to platicar with her, Aymar to only communicates him on the health of its mother and it retires. Leonardo says to him to Celina who is going to see Nicholas in the corrals of the property to inform to him on the true behavior of Maura, Celina calls to the Paradise to say to him to his mother (Car it to me) on this situation, nevertheless, by another extension Maura she listens to the call and she orders to him to Aquiline that she prevents that encounter. Leonardo arrives at the Paradise to speak with Nicholas, Aquiline him it suggests if it does not want that they bother them waits for it within the rotation, opportunity that takes advantage of to loosen a bull that attacks it before the impotent glance of Nicholas. Eliseo is informed that Leonardo decided to donate his organs when dying, its father resists, but in the end it accedes and the liver is donated to Teresa Leonardo undergoes one serious cornada one in the leg that perforates the femoral vein to him, Nicholas requests immediately that they call to an ambulance, when arriving the paramédicos see the gravity of the wound and they transfer it to the hospital where it arrives agonizing. Leonardo tries to speak with Nicholas but this one requests to him that it is tranquilized preventing that says the happened thing to him to Maura. Aymar cries heartbroken by to have seen the wedding of Nicholas and Maura, relieves its pain with Jose Miguel, who tries
to console it. Leonardo is taken care of in the hospital where the efforts are useless and they declare cerebral death to him, when giving the news, Eliseo and Nicholas crumble, whereas Maura and Luisa pretend to be affected by the news. Aymar arrives at the hospital to visit Teresa, but surprised it sees Nicholas, who informs the happened thing to him; when arriving at the quarter of Teresa, Aymar tries to be discreet and to only it notifies him to David,
who is hit. Eliseo suffers more than nobody the loss of its son and it is refused to accept its death, it clings to its body and it tries to speak with him. David tries to take leave of Leonardo, Eliseo is against the principle but she finishes acceding; David destroys itself when seeing his dead brother. Nicholas this saying in the chapel accompanied by Aymar, that gives breath words him, both is based on a hug. Eliseo is informed that Leonardo decided to donate his organs when dying, its father resists to fulfill this desire, but in the end it accedes and the liver of Leonardo is donated its mother. David is before the tomb of his brother, in that arrives Maura, he sees it with hatred and she protests to him, says to him that she knows that it is not Karina Rosemberg Sirenita Vista the ruins of the mansion to look for the box where she is I title of property, when arriving account occurs of which they are remodelando and with great desperation it tries to find it. Aymar faces Maura and Luisa. Eliseo is informed into which Leonardo decided to donate his organs when dying, its father resists to fulfill this desire of Leonardo, but in the end it accedes and the liver of Leonardo is donated its mother. Teresa receives the liver of Leonardo in transplant, the operation is a success, when they still take it to recovery and with anesthesia effects , David speaks to him so that he recovers soon and mother says to him, without from account, Nicholas arrives itself and he listens to it, he asks to him so that I call it thus, David says the truth to him and Nicholas retires. Celina takes a drink to the quarter of Maura and Luisa, lets them know that it was with Leonardo one night before and she said to him that suspected that the son who waits for Maura is of him, she reacts furious and the threat, in case that it says a word will cause that they along with run his family of the Paradise. Leonardo is guarded in the property before the pain all the family, later to be buried, before the pain all his relatives and friends, with the exception of Maura and Luisa whom they have to disguise his taste to know that Leonardo did not have time to speak with Nicholas and desenmascáralas. David hopes to that all go away of sepelio of Leonardo,
to go to his tomb and dale the last good bye; being sunk before the tomb Maura arrives, he sees it with hatred and the one protests to him that is there,
says to him that she is a traitor and that it knows that it is not Karina Rosemberg.

1 decade ago


Hey wazzup u r so queit kwani ulipata refer ya ile paper?? Am ok though abit busy hapa waks Kukujulia hali tu.

1 decade ago

tu amigo diego te kiero saludar y decirte mucho gusto tenerte como amiga

1 decade ago

Pasion was like an obsession if you missed one you wud feel mbaya sana. I loved that Ricardo and his buddy pirate and the worst was santiago with his overpowering jealousness. Twas well created and always ended up with so much to be expected. Y do you say tormenta en el paraiso is a loooong one??? Wud love to watch the whole thing at ago. Be good today and check on you laterz.